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Hi I'm Patty

Patricia Grajewski is a licensed Physical Therapist in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. In private practice for over 25 years, she is a highly skilled professional who offers extraordinary care.


After suffering from various sports injuries and debilitating Migraines for years and trying all combinations of medications and  neurologic drugs, Patty slowly began to listen to her body and found the answers in the silence. "I began to Feel-In.   My body had all the answers. As I learned to focus inward to understand how I was reacting to the world, I learned to listen in new ways."   She trained her  hands to palpate subtle energies and tensions in the body and began to understand how it works through fluid exchange and movement.  She trained her ears to hear with empathy and began to understand how the soul works by seeking love and connection to self and others.  Globally,  she began to see how she could effectively help others in pain by helping them to "Feel-In" too.

"I am a retired PT (Physical Therapist) and have had low back pain for the past 4 years or so.  The only relief I have found was over the counter meds.  After just 2 treatments from Patty, I was able to stop all pain meds and was 90-95% pain free. Her light, gentle touch with her treatments has made all the difference. Back pain is no longer interfering with my life and that is wonderful! "

Helene W.     retired Physical Therapist

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